At the Jyoti School for Hearing Impaired, we take great pride in the quality of teaching, we offer to our students. We have made a strong commitment towards offering our teaching staff as much best professional support and training as we can. At least thrice a year outside experts visit the school campus to provide training to our teachers. Recently, representatives from The Ali Yaver Jung Institute for the Hearing Handicapped , Mumbai and Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi visited our school and conducted training workshops for our teachers. We were also fortunate to provide our teachers exposure on a programme in sign language by way of a twenty-day training conducted by experts in the field, at our campus.


  • The school encourages parent interaction through regular Parent Teacher meets.
  • The Jyoti School for Hearing Impaired lays special emphasis on development of speech and language using reflexive methods.
  • Special value-added educational packages on livelihood issues, specifically designed keeping in mind the target segment, are being used to impart training to our students.
  • Teacher’s training programmes and workshops are organised at regular intervals to ensure they are abreast with the latest knowhow and teaching methodologies in the industry.
  • Support of the top ENT specialists volunteering their services for periodic checkups and speech therapy sessions. Residential students are additionally subjected to regular health checkups.
  • Professional counselling sessions and workshops are organized at regular intervals to generate awareness among parents and create a better social and sibling acceptance of the children.
  • Students are encouraged to participate and compete in various competitions organized by various local units that boost their confidence. Wildlife Week organized by Kanpur zoo each year providesstudents an opportunity to participate and interact with students from other schools of the city.
  • An important aspect of training disabled children is to allow them to interact with children without disabilities. Keeping that in mind, the school holds regular meetings with other schools in the city.
  • Our older students can choose to pursue a vocational focus that interests them. Whether it is leather crafting, screen printing, tailoring, carpentry, electrical gadget repairing etc., We at The JyotiSchool for Hearing Impaired, aim to prepare all our students to play an active role in the community and fit in well with the others.