Success stories of determined individuals who have proved that deafness is not a barrier to success, hearing impaired children can do the same things as other boys and girls. Meet a few names who teaches world how to get up and break the barriers.

Anmol Pal (DOB-18/10/1996) child

“We don’t want her to talk differently,we dont want other kids to tease her, we dont want her to stop from play because of a disability; “….The parents of Anmol Pal were so much dissappointed about their bright beautiful girl being deaf. They were wondering how they are going to take her out to the world. Anmol Pal’s parents took her to Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya at the age of five. Anmol is a girl full of life and friendly. Along with the academics she is keen in other extracurricular activities like dance and sports .

  • She matriculated from N.I.O.S Board with First Division in the year 2014.
  • She is a Gold Medal winner in high jump for three consecutive years in the National Deaf Sports Competitions.
  • She also possess ‘Nritya Visharad’-a seven years graduation degree in dance which is awarded by All India Gandharva University,Mumbai and She was selected as the ‘Best Student’ of the school twice.
  • Presently she is studying in class XII in the Commerce Stream.She dreams to become an Officer in a reputed Bank and wants to build up her knowledge by getting some work experience in accounting.





Priya Srivastava ( DOB – 16/11/1992)child

Being a father of three daughters it was quite frustrating and burdensome for him that his second daughter is hard of hearing.Mr.Ajay Kumar Srivastava,a resident of Kakadeo,Kanpur. Priya was 4 years old when she was admitted in Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya. Now her father is very proud to see her independent and well educated.He is thankful for the love ,care and disciplined guidance given by the school.

  • She is the only deaf person in her family and the only one of her siblings to go to college.
  • She is enthusiastic about numbers, had secured distinction marks in Mathematics,her most favourite subject, in matriculation in the year 2007.She is an ambitious girl and wants to apply her love for mathematics to a career that would follow this passion.
  • She is a girl with distinct intelligence and with her strong will power she could achieve her M.Com Degree with Ist division from Kanpur university in 2014.
  • Presently she is preparing for competitive exams for Banking Services and we are sure her self-confidence will help her to achieve the fruits of hard work.

Ashish Singh. (DOB -01/10/1990)child

Ashish is a postman in the Head Post Office,Civil Lines,Unnao . He had joined Jyoti badhir Vidyalaya at the age of 4. He matriculated from UP Board with first division in the year 2005.Since from the beginning he believed in being busy.His teachers reminded him not to be afraid to ask for help whether it be, helping with homework, prepare for exams or clarify various concepts .They taught him to take advantage of the opportunities.

  • He wanted to add computer skills to his studies. That’s where he saw the world going He was imparted with Computer Education along with the academics,under the school’s vocational training programme as.
  • Under the guidance of the school, he prepared for his class XII examination and for various other exams for employment in Govt.Departments as well.
  • He was placed as a designer in Prachi Leather Works,Kanpur right after his matriculation.
  • He came out with flying colors in class XII examination and in the year 2012 he succeeded to get a job in Indian Postal department. Having known his computer skills the post master deputed him for the data entry job instead of door to door delivery work which he is doing much competently.





Ashu Dixit. (DOB – 01/08/1994)child

Nothing has ever fazed Ashu. He just gets on with it and doesn’t see himself different from any other individual. He is a person who is very adamant in decisions.Ashu began his schooling in the year 1996 in Jyothi Badhir Vidyalaya. Having passed his X std examination from UP board with first division in the year 2009. This man of material is an inspiration to the school as well as his parents and friends.

  • He started to work as a ‘helper teacher’ in this school. He worked for two years, much to the satisfactory of school authorities.
  • His enjoyment in learning computer skills stems from the interest in leaning new things.He was imparted with Computer Education under school’s vocational training programme along with the academics
  • In the meantime he could successfully complete his XII std examination with first dividion.
  • At present he is working as Assistant Accountant in DAV Degree College,Kanpur.


Sanjay Yadav (DOB – 19/08/1981) , Kavita Gupta (DOB – 25/11/1985)

Sanjay,a student of first batch of Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya was hearing impaired since birth.He was matriculated in the year 2001.Along with his studies,he had an inclination towards sports right from the beginning.

  • He is an outstanding athlete and had won many prizes and medals for long distance running race (800 Mtrs& 1500Mtrs) in the National Deaf Sports Competitions organized by All India Deaf Sports Association, New Delhi.
  • In the year 2000 he was awarded the state level scholarship by Indian Sports Association for his exceptional performances.
  • Sanjay’s wife Kavita,is an excellent sports woman and also an ex- student of Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya. A student of third batch, she was also awarded scholarship by Indian Sports Association. Excelling in sports had played a vital role in their job recruitments.
  • Presently both of them are working in the Education department of Uttar Pradesh.







Shubhanshu Kushwaha (DOB- 06/08/1992) , Himanshu Kushwaha (DOB- 18/05/1994)

Srimati Shashiprabha Kushwaha, a resident of Barra was much disheartened and disappointed when she had to admit her two little deaf sons to school, without the cooperation of her family. Himanshu is an excellent chess player.Srimati Shashiprabha is much satisfied and proud to share her winning experience with her family and friends.

  • She finds Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya, a blessing for the disabled children.She also motivates and reassures the parents of deaf children to raise them with confidence.Under her patient love and the disciplined guidance from the school, both Shubhanshu and Himanshu (Brothers) faced every challenge and passed their X std examination with flying colours.
  • “When you get knocked down, get back up and keep moving forward.” is what they believe in..During their struggle to get employed,both brothers cleared their Class XII examination successfully.
  • Shubhanshu underwent a 18 months training programme(B.T.R), of Ordinance Factories.
  • Presently, both are working at Ordinance Equipment Factory, Kanpur


Pragya Dixit

Parents were totally shocked when Doctor revealed the fact; their daughter ‘Praggya’ was hard of hearing. For several days, they could not collect their scattered thoughts. Looking at their fairy like daughter they decided to face the challenge offered by the heaven.

  • We brought our daughter in the month of July-1995 for admission in Jyoti Badhir School at Bithoor and we were very much impressed with school and its educative atmosphere
  • She was admitted in the class III. Time passed by and she kept crossing over the hurdles of studies, as well as learning Kathyak Nritya.
  • Our happiness knew no bounds when she passed class VIII in 1st Division in the year 2001.In the year 2004; she passed class X with 56%, class XII in 2nd Division in the year 2006.In the year 2009, she graduated from Kanpur University with 58% marks in her credit.
  • Vocational training in Typing, imparted by the Jyoti Badhir school along with studies, came to her great help,when she was selected as ‘clerk’ in U.P. Govt, Mandi Parishad.Our dream came true; Praggya is now an independent dignified woman, true to her name.
  • All thanks to the school Manager Sri. Ramesh Chandra Dixit, Principal Sri.Ram das Pal and all the teaching/non- teaching staff without whom, our dream would not come true
    ………….. Vinod Kumar Dixit (Father)








Ashish Bajpai

Ashish was as normal as anyone else of his age. Till his 1 year of age, we never noticed that he do not respond to sound. But on his 1st. birthday celebration, when he did not respond to clapping sound even, we decided to consult the doctor. After several checks and counter checks when doctor declared that Ashish is ‘deaf’, we were stunned to imagine the future of our son. As parents, we had no option left but to trained him at home and/or get him admitted to any school where he could be trained to self reliance.

  • In the year 2002,Ashish was admitted in class VI by the Principal Sri. Ram Das Pal,Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya, Bithoor
  • In the year 2005, Ashish passed class VIII exam. in 1st. division and High School in 2007 with 1st. division , to prove our decision.
  • In the year 2010, he passed Intermediate Examination in 2nd. Division, only to make us realize, that our son has spread his wings to measure the sky.
  • Vocational training along with educational guidance, ease his selection on the position of ‘Clerk’, in PWD., U.P. Government.
  • I am utterly grateful to all teachers, Manager and Principal of the School Shri Ramesh Chandra Dixit & Shri Ram Das Pal respectively, who mended the future of my differently abled son.
    …….. Anil Bajpai (Father)


Satyendra Kumar Verma

Satyendra was deaf since birth. Make him to grow in a self dependent, useful member of our society was a great challenge for all of us. Our feeling that normal boy teasing him would cut our heart to pieces, but we were utterly helpless, as Doctor even did not assure us for any improvement in his status. The only option left to put our level best efforts in his training and equip him well, to face this cruel world.

  • At beginning we never knew any deaf school nearby or in the city, Our search ended when we knew about the Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya, Bithoor, Kanpur. I got my son admitted in Pre-preparatory Class.
  • In the year 2000, Satyendra passed class VIII in 1st division and in the year 2005, High School, that is too in 1st division.
  • Simultaneous, vocational training in the school, in Electrical Trade make him capable for the admission in B.T.R. and awarded him with certificate in his trade in the year 2008. In the year 2010 he was appointed in Ordinance Equipments Factory, Kanpur as an electrician.
  • Today when we look back, we realize that,Shri Ramesh Chandra Dixitj, Shri Ram das Paljee and all other teachers provided proper training with intime guidance, he would probably not reach where he is today. Whole hearted thanks to all of them.                                                                                                                  …….. KadileRam (Father)