Late Dr. Saryu N. Dixit


Late Saryu N. Dixit is the founder of Jyoti Children’s Development Foundation. He was a professor at Northwestern University, Chicago since 1982 and was the Professor at Emeritus. Dr. Saryu was born in the District of Kanpur, UP, India.

Jyoti Children’s Development Foundation, INC. (USA)

Brude Kamath

Chairman and Global Director

Sadhna Tiwari

Director (Donor Relations and Fund Raising)


Joanquin Meijia

Director (Non Profit Relations)

Joaquín Mejía has been associated with Jyoti Children’s Development Foundation for the last 20 years and currently serves in the board as a director (Non Profit Relations). Joaquin is a professional editor, a sociologist and a published author.


Shanti Dixit

Director (General Oversight)

Shanti Dixit is a founding member of Jyoti Children’s Development Foundation and serves in the board as a Director (General Oversight). Shanti has been a member in Pan- Pacific Southeast Asian Women’s Association (PPSEAWA) Chicago chapter since 1985, and was treasurer for 3 years.

Dr. Suresh Chandra Dixit



Umesh Tiwari


Umesh K. Tiwari has been associated with Jyoti Foundation for over 17 years and currently serves in the board as the secretary. Umesh is a Cyber Security Risk Management professional.


Santosh Augustine


Santhosh Augustine has been with Jyoti foundation for over 20 years and serves in the board as a Treasurer and takes care of Financial and tax matters. Santhosh is a CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) and works at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue