the school is located about 20 miles from the center of Kanpur,U.P., India amidst the lush green fields of Bithoor, a rural suburb of Kanpur a site that has a great historical and mythological significance.The Jyoti School for Hearing Impaired, is away from the hustle bustle of the industrial town, setting the perfect ambience for learning education and developing special skills.

The school building has

  • 24 classrooms
  • A conference hall
  • A science lab
  • A sound proof audiometry room
  • A speech therapy lab
  • A library
  • A recreation room

All classrooms are equipped with special group hearing aids and a loop induction system that allow each student to actively participate in the classroom with Total Communication Method.

The school is equipped to provide residential facilities to accommodate about 65 students. Presently 55 students are residing in the hostel. The campus flanks:

  • 12 rooms
  • 1 dormitory
  • A large dining hall that accommodates 80 students at a time
  • A kitchen and a store room.

The school has its own play field, where regular competitions are held and children are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. The activities include:

  • Team games
  • Ball skills
  • Skipping
  • Socialising through play and activities that incorporate gross motor skills and body awareness.