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Activities with the help of Jyoti Bal Vikas Sanstha, the deaf children’s have found option of sharing information and happiness to their friends and family. Jyoti Bal Vikas Sanstha organizes several activities and cultural programs for our students.


  • The Jyoti School for Hearing Impaired provides education to hearing-impaired children from ages 3 to 18, offering classes from Nursery to class X.
  • The Pre-section comprises self introduced syllabus designed by our highly trained and experienced teachers. Instead of the regular two-year term the students of this section spend four years in the pre-section class before they move on to the next level. A strong emphasis is laid on speech therapy at this level.
  • Classes 1- 8 follow the Basic Shikhsha Parishad of the UP (State) Government syllabus format and classes 9 – 10 follow the National Institute of Open Schooling syllabus format.
  • We strongly believe in the importance of fostering close working relationships between our teachers and students. To this end, we limit our classes to an absolute maximum of 10-12 students per teacher.

Language and Communication

The school adopts The Total Communication Methodology of teaching, include news stories, show-and-tell, storytelling, one-on-one activities, field visits etc. We believe that speech will be achieved via the use of speech itself and to that end we utilize sign language to achieve positive results.

  • Speech Therapy

    We work with the aim of helping all our children to speak clearly. Speech and articulation therapy sessions are conducted by two speech therapists for the early learners (class PP -I to PP -IV). Children are constantly monitored and a regularly assessed for development and progress.

  • Universal Sign Language

    No one form of sign language is universal but there are universal features in every sign language. This makes it possible for users of different sign languages to communicate effectively with each other.This is called the International Sign.

    The sign language used in The Jyoti School for Hearing Impaired is a sign system in which each manual sign represents a morpheme. Indian Sign Language (ISL) is not adequately documented though some work has been done by Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped.

Extra Curricular

Recognizing the need for an overall development, children are exposed to a wide variety of sports, co-curricular activities and cultural events throughout the academic year. Students are provided with regular training in cultural activities such as music and dance. The annual day function held every year in November has evolved into a cultural event par excellence and is eagerly awaited by the entire city.

  • Annual day

    Started 10 years ago, the annual day showcases the artistic talents of the children. So as to tap the talents and hone the skills of a disabled child, which would otherwise lay dormant, we leave no stone unturned and achieve it with excellence. Performing in front of an audience boosts their confidence and gives them a positive direction. We are fortunate to receive the support, advise and patronage of Smt. Vandana Deb Roy,  a renowned Kathak specialist and stage artist.

  • Sports

    The school has its own play field, where regular competitions are held and children are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. The activities include team games, ball skills, skipping, socializing through play and activities that incorporate gross motor skills and body awareness.